Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WMS? 

A Warehouse management System (WMS) is a software application, which is designed to support and optimize warehouse functionality. A WMS allows tracking of all activity inside a warehouse, including tracking of inventory, receiving, picking, shipping and other logistic activities. 

How HydraWarehouse is different from other WMS providers? 


How can a WMS help my business? 

Owning and managing a warehouse can be challenging for smaller businesses in sense that it takes much time and effort to do it and especially when running the business at the same time. WMS can help you with managing your warehousing needs. Some of the advantages of WMS implementation include: Improved inventory accuracy, higher productivity and reduced fulfillment time. At only the fraction of the cost of managing your own warehouse, this offers a great cost reduction, in turn increasing profits and enabling your business to grow even more. 

Which HydraWarehouse WMS plan is suitable for my business? 

HydraWarehouse Inventory

HydraWarehouse Basic

HydraWarehouse Advanced

HydraWarehouse 3PL 

For companies needing sophisticated deployment due to operations requiring customization, the HydraWarehouse Enterprise plan is a good fit, and price is based on project scope. Customizations could include integrations to third party ERP systems as well as requirement of custom user interface screens or additional functionality. The Enterprise plan also offers our classic solution Hydra@Warehouse.

How much does it cost? How do I sign-up for HydraWarehouse WMS? 

HydraWarehouse offers a 30-day free trial for each plan, so new users have time to evaluate our product. Visit our pricing (link) page for more information about different plans and pricing. 

Can a warehouse worker and administrator (2 or more users) use one license?

Yes. Number of users depends on your package, the licence is the same for all of them.

Is the licence bound to a certain computer?

No. You can use HydraWarehouse on any computer, as long as there are licences available. If all of the licenses are used, one user needs to log out in order to log in another user.

What kind of support is available? 

All our plans have access to phone and email support.

Do I need to train my warehouse personnel on HydraWarehouse? 

HydraWarehouse' intuitive, modern user interface doesn't require a formal training. Most customers are able to independently start using the product. But if you require training, we offer a HydraWarehouse overview using a free interactive webinar or a specialized paid on-site training. 

How much lead time do we need before we can start using HydraWarehouse in our warehouse? 

The time necessary to set up a warehouse in HydraWarehouse depends on how many locations and unique items you will maintain in the WMS. Depending on this number, you can be up and running in as soon as a few hours or a week at the most. 

What type of hardware do we need to purchase? 

HydraWarehouse WMS runs on existing hardware, using the power of cloud computing. Any computer, tablet, smartphone or android based device installed with modern browsers can run HydraWarehouse. If you use barcodes in your warehouse, you may need to purchase a Bluetooth barcode scanner (for tablets and smartphones) or a USB wedge barcode scanner (for desktops and laptops). 

What devices are supported by HydraWarehouse? 

HydraWarehouse can be accessed on any desktop, laptop or tablet installed with modern browsers. HydraWarehouse also has a WMS app specifically made for Android devices. This app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

I signed up for a free trial. How can I continue to use HydraWarehouse after my free trial period ends? Can I add additional users during my free trial period? 

If you would like to continue using HydraWarehouse after the trial period ends, you can contact our team again and ask for an extension of the trial period or for the purchase of the plan. The same applies to adding additional users.

I have an issue or question about the HydraWarehouse application. How do I contact support? 

You can contact our support anytime via phone call or sending an E-mail to